Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gothic and Loneliness - なるしまたかし

Requested by traitorshade of LiveJournal.

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Upload Date: 05/23/11
Vocals: 鏡音リン - Kagamine Rin append
Composer: なるしまたかし - Narushima Takashi
Movie: 桜羽りん - Sau Rin

Author's Comments
"When a boy was walking through the forest one day, he finally arrived at a certain mansion.
There was one girl who had a gothic look.
Their destiny was however..."

Gothic and Loneliness

The dark night's moon. In the dark forest,
I follow the inlaid stars,
And give a smile on the other side of the door.
"Please come in. Welcome to my mansion."

The lamps' light. The swaying light.
The cat I greeted has no right leg.
The wriggling hint ceaselessly
Kept the boy's route back at a distance.

A prince on a white horse.
Come, take my hand.
Place a kiss of oath on my fingers.

The irrecoverable souls
Will abnormally and insanely
Seek you many times.
Destiny's alternatives that diverge from the aphrodisiac
That I mixed into black tea, I won't hand them over.

In the case that
You escape, do you understand?
That cat (pet) seems adorable.
Lose your way in the maze,
Like plucked-off flowers.
Beautifully in solitude; nimbly, nimbly fluttering to be under me (where I am).

A night of phantasy. The hands of the clock
That tick the time away cease their breath;
What boils up is a desire to monopolize.
Come, put these clothes on your body.

An insular ball.
Come, closer to the darkness.
The land of Hades that we face together.

Let us dance. Entwining our fingers,
Let us go mad. The flower petals
Of desire that won't stop as we love.
Like a dog under an altar, look carefully at your
Squirming and struggling. Flowers, open (bloom).

Those words that I spat out
Reject what therefore?
I might break. Stop it. Don't disobey me.
Like a flower that bloomed in a wasteland
That lives beautifully and strongly,
I'll steal your vim.

Being washed away by a sea of solitude,
A century passes,
And I'm now alive. Something like dying
Is far away beyond the open sea.

I pray, from this cell.
Hey, save me. A destiny of forever
Rotting alone in the forest?

"Don't open your eyes."

I don't want to search for mistakes anymore.
With you, it's already been how many people?
A human of phantastic flesh and blood.
I took over unold bodies.
I was deceived many a time
By helical illusions.

An never-aging entity
That can't be touched.
An immortal entity
That can't be touched.
An entity whose violated acts can't be forgiven.
Not noticing the seed of a curse that
Could take over, I let the flowers bloom.
The crime and punishment personally--

The development of a curse that won't end.
An main ovation that binds the earth.
The dark idea theater.
Let's alter the post of lead actor.
You, yes, become the cat.
I will indulge upon your right arm.

A new legend that
Went down to human habitation.
"Deep in the forest, there's a fairy."
It stirs adventurous hearts;
I decide to just now let begin
An audition that'll be a surprise attack.

It's said that in those days, a girl OOO
Was wandering the forest seeking to never age nor die.
The indemnification that took never-aging and immortality in hand was big,
And she was freed from a world of solitude.
I want to see someone.
I want to talk.
I want to be loved.
Her appetite appearing to become an illusion,
She was made fun of day after day.
Once, the "mansion" discarded her,
And sought a new legend.
Will the next legend be a boy,
Or a girl like her,
Or an old woman, or an old man,
Or otherwise,